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Several dead and 24 injured by fire in hospital in Northern Germany

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Four people have died in a fire at a hospital in northern Germany. At least 24 people were also injured, the hospital reported on Friday. A number of them are in critical condition, according to the police.

The fire in the town of Uelzen, located in the state of Lower Saxony, broke out on Thursday at 10:45 p.m. due to an unknown cause. The fire spread to patients’ rooms. Upon arrival, emergency services saw flames on the third floor. A lot of smoke was also released.

The hospital was evacuated, while the fire brigade also extinguished the fire. Some patients were removed from their rooms using ladders, German media report. Three victims died on the spot. One person was taken to another hospital and died there. More than 140 emergency services personnel were on site.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the fire. According to the police, the damage to the hospital is estimated at more than 1 million euros. The hospital reports that the admission of patients has been suspended until next Friday.

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