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Friday, March 1, 2024

Defense helicopters drop heavy stones on a broken spillway dam near Maastricht

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Two Defense Chinook helicopters lowered the first nets full of stones onto a broken dam on the Stuwweg in Maastricht on Saturday morning. This should reduce the flow rate of the water and retain as much water as possible.

Further on, a contractor and Defense are working on the construction of an emergency dam. Large equipment is used for this. The contractor has started pouring stone from one bank, Rijkswaterstaat said.

The emergency dam should make the repair of the broken spillway dam easier.

Due to strong currents, the 120-meter-wide spillway collapsed over a width of 50 meters on Wednesday. This caused a rapid that caused a houseboat to become loose and crash into a bridge. As a result, the bridge was so damaged that it is unsafe to use.

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