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Friday, July 12, 2024

Blueberry grown in Australia breaks Guinness World Record as world’s heaviest

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Growers from the Australian company Costa Group have managed to grow a blueberry the size of a golf ball. With a weight of 20.4 grams, the blueberry has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the heaviest of its kind.

The blueberry is about ten times as heavy as a regular blueberry. The breeders therefore had to look twice when the specimen went on the scales, they told The Guardian on Friday.

The blueberry, which has been grown naturally, has now been frozen. The team is considering turning it into a mold for an art object on the wall.

The mega blueberry is one of the Eterna variety, which, according to the growers, is considerably larger anyway. According to them, this has no influence on the taste. Moreover, they are said to have a long shelf life. By the way, it is not an aim to grow the largest blueberries possible. According to one of the growers, careful attention is being paid to how a blueberry plant can be made more heat-resistant.

The previous record for the heaviest blueberry came from 2020, when a specimen weighing 16.2 grams came off the scale elsewhere in Australia.

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