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Nicolas Cage thinks about ending film career: ‘Want to stop at the peak’

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Nicolas Cage thinks he will star in three or four more films and then stop acting in Hollywood. “It’s starting to take shape, I’m starting to make my plan concrete,” the 59-year-old actor tells Vanity Fair .

“I have maybe three or four more films left in me. I feel like I’ve said what I wanted to say when it comes to film. I think I’ve stretched it out as long as I can.” Cage says he wants to retire on “a high note” and possibly continue acting in television series.

Cage, who recently appeared in Renfield , Dead by Daylight and The Flash , turns 60 in January and says this got him thinking.

“I started to wonder how much time I had left. My father died when he was 75 and I’m turning 60. If I’m lucky, I still have a good fifteen years, and hopefully more. What do I want to do with those fifteen years if I use my father as an example? It became quite clear that I wanted to spend time with my family.”

Cage broke through in the late 1980s with roles in Moonstruck (alongside Cher) and Raising Arizona. He also starred in the well-known films Leaving Las Vegas, Face/Off, and Con Air.

The actor is in a relationship with 28-year-old Riko Shibata. Last year they had a daughter. Cage also has two sons from previous relationships.

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