Telegram will Launch Premium Subscriptions

However free users should not experience any downsides.

The CEO of Telegram, Pavel Durov, has revealed that the messaging app, which has been free to use since its launch in 2013, would add a paid Premium service.

“”After giving it some thought,” Durov says “we realized that the only way to let our most demanding fans get more while keeping our existing features free is to make those raised limits a paid option. That’s why this month we will introduce Telegram Premium, a subscription plan that allows anyone to acquire additional features, speed and resources.”

Durov continues by stating that Telegram has no intention of charging free users for existing functionality; instead, the business will add new features for Premium members. But, perhaps most importantly for a service that already has tens of millions of users, these Premium features are intended to improve Telegram usage for those who choose not to subscribe.

Free users will be able to “enjoy some of [Telegram Premium’s] benefits: for example, they will be able to view extra-large documents, media, and stickers provided by Premium users, or tap to add Premium reactions already pinned to a message in order to react in the same manner,” says Durov. (It was not specified if this was driven by altruism or technological constraints.)

This month, Telegram is slated to unveil its Premium offering. The corporation has not disclosed the cost of this subscription or the markets in which it will be offered.

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