Ferrari must replace two engine components after Leclerc outage in Spain

The MGU-H and turbo, according to Ferrari, are seriously damaged and cannot be fixed. This means Leclerc will have to rely on a previously used turbo or MGU-H for both pieces. Ferrari had already changed both pieces on Leclerc’s vehicle earlier this season. Another option is for the Monegasque to activate its third turbo and MGU-H.

If Ferrari and Leclerc choose the latter, there will very certainly be grid penalties later this season. This year, each driver is only allowed to employ three turbos and MGU-Hs without penalty. A grid penalty is applied when a fourth portion is used.

The MGU-H (Motor Generator Unit-Heat) is a complicated component of the power source that ensures that heat from the exhaust is transformed into electrical power. In conjunction with the turbo, this is employed.
For the time being, Max Verstappen does not need to worry about grid penalties. The Dutchman used his first power source in Spain despite two disruptions.

On Sunday, Leclerc was leading at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya until his Ferrari broke down. Verstappen took full advantage of the situation, winning both the Grand Prix and the World Cup standings. The Monaco Grand Prix will continue the Formula One season this weekend.

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