Bayer Leverkusen criticizes AS Roma’s way of playing: ‘Disgusting way’

Bayer Leverkusen has been critical of AS Roma’s playing style. In the semi-finals of the Europa League, the German sub-topper did not go further than 0-0 at home against the Italians, who had won 1-0 at home.

“We didn’t deserve to be eliminated by a club that has nothing to do with football,” said midfielder Nadiem Amiri. “I honestly wonder how this is possible. How they played today and last week. Every ball went long, that’s not football, is it? That a club like this is in the final is madness. On the other hand, we ourselves have not managed to score in two games, that is also the truth.”


AS Roma secured the goalless draw by, among other things, delaying play and simulating injuries. “It’s a pity, but you know that in a semi-final at this level, a style of play like this is rewarded. This is sour, very sour. Also for football. But we must congratulate our opponent. They have achieved their goal in a disgusting way. Frankly, I am proud of the group,” Kerem Demirbay told RTL .

AS Roma is coached by José Mourinho, who already won the Europa League in 2017 with Manchester United. He also won the Champions League with both Porto and Internazionale. Last year he was the best in the Conference League with AS Roma.

“He is different, he makes you realize how important the game is. We came here and everyone knew what to do,” AS Roma captain Lorenzo Pellegrini said of his coach. “We study, we prepare and we watch videos. Especially in Europe you see what the coach brings us. Mourinho is the brain behind our personality.”

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