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Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is recommended if you want to remain secure online in Amsterdam, regardless of whether you are a resident or a tourist in the Dutch capital. We’ve ranked the best services for securing your online privacy and gaining access to geo-restricted content in Amsterdam.

A VPN service will encrypt your internet traffic and conceal your IP address, allowing you to browse the web without exposing your personal information and location to internet service providers, governments, corporations, and cybercriminals.

Want to access content from back home while you’re away from Amsterdam? By selecting a VPN server in Amsterdam, you can obtain an Amsterdam IP address and stream Dutch TV channels and other websites from anywhere in the world.

Frequently, travelers use VPN services to securely access online content that isn’t available in their current location, especially TV shows and movies available via streaming platforms.

Many of the world’s largest VPN service providers now offer servers in Amsterdam and other Dutch cities. We’ve tested and compiled a list of the best VPNs for Amsterdam to assist you in selecting a provider.

Best VPN for Amsterdam

  1. NordVPN: Best VPN for Amsterdam. There are over 5250 international servers, 182 of which are located in Amsterdam. 4K streaming is supported with impressive performance. Exceptionally safe and user-friendly.
  2. Surfshark: Best value VPN. A policy allowing an unlimited number of devices to be protected. Affordable premium subscriptions. Applications that are straightforward to use. A server network of sufficient size, with one in Amsterdam.
  3. ExpressVPN is a comprehensive VPN service with 3000 international servers, some of which are located in Amsterdam and other Dutch cities. Support for 4K streaming, intuitive applications, and more.
  4. CyberGhost is a VPN with 7200 servers, 209 of which are located in Amsterdam. Apps for multiple platforms, unrestricted bandwidth, a kill switch, and more.
    IPVanish provides 59 VPN servers in Amsterdam, an unlimited device policy, advanced encryption, and 24/7 customer service, among other features.
  5. PrivateVPN is a fantastic VPN for streaming that supports Netflix and 4K video. Up to six devices can be protected concurrently. Includes a VPN server in Amsterdam.
    Hotspot Shield offers a virtual location in the Netherlands in addition to 3200 international VPN servers. Online safety is ensured by military-grade encryption, a kill switch, and phishing protection.

On the market, thousands of VPN services are available. Unfortunately, not all of them are great; some offer slow speeds and lack security. However, the following characteristics are shared by all of the services included in our list of the best Amsterdam VPNs:

  • Servers based in Amsterdam and other nations around the globe
  • Unlimited bandwidth so you can stream as much content as you want Adequate server speeds to prevent buffering and slow-loading websites
  • Computers and mobile devices with simple VPN client software
  • Internet protection provided by robust security and privacy measures.
  • Excellent customer service that allows you to quickly resolve any problems
  • A money-back guarantee for trial purchases

We explain exactly why we selected the aforementioned criteria below.

Here is a list of the top VPN services for Amsterdam:

1. NordVPN

Our preferred service in Amsterdam is NordVPN. A global network of high-speed connections, including 182 in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam, is one of its distinguishing characteristics.

In addition to a vast server network, NordVPN offers exceptional performance. The average speed of 115 Mbps is sufficient for streaming 4K-quality video content. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer are among the streaming platforms that NordVPN can access securely.

You can use NordVPN simultaneously on up to six devices with a single account. In addition, there are no speed or bandwidth limitations with NordVPN, so you can use it as much as you want. In addition, NordVPN provides user-friendly applications for major operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux, among others.

In terms of security and privacy, NordVPN has a strict no-logging policy, AES-256 encryption, double VPN, obfuscated servers, a built-in kill switch, Onion over VPN, browser extensions, DNS leak prevention, a malware and ad blocker, multi-factor authentication, a dedicated IP, and numerous other features that will help protect you online. In addition, NordVPN offers a 24-hour live chat service and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We recommend NordVPN above all others. Over 5250 servers. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and other streaming services are supported. A six device limit. 24/7 support. A 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee.


2. Surfshark


Surfshark is an excellent Amsterdam VPN whose premium subscriptions cost as little as $2.49 per month, so it won’t break the bank. You have access to over 3200 international VPN servers, including one in Amsterdam, for this bargain price.

Not only does Surfshark provide a large number of servers, but they also offer average speeds of up to 71 Mbps and unlimited bandwidth. As a result, it is a fantastic VPN for streaming movies and TV shows. In fact, Surfshark is compatible with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer, and a variety of other leading streaming services.

Surfshark does not impose a device limit, unlike many other VPN providers. Therefore, you are permitted to use it on any device. Additionally, Surfshark provides user-friendly apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux, among other operating systems. But if you ever need assistance using them or have a different issue that needs to be resolved, you can receive expert assistance via the live chat feature on Surfshark.

It provides numerous features for enhancing your online security and privacy, such as a strict no-logging policy, a kill switch, private DNS and leak protection, AES-256 encryption, a camouflage mode, a whitelister, protection against online security threats such as malware and web trackers, and a variety of secure protocols.

Surfshark is an excellent VPN service for those on a budget. Exceptional velocity. One of 3200 servers is located in Amsterdam. Perfect for Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus. A device policy with no limits. 24/7 support. Double VPN, AES-256 encryption, a kill switch, and a zero-logs policy.


Read our complete review of Surfshark.

3. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is another service provider with servers in Amsterdam, as well as in other Dutch cities such as Rotterdam and The Hague. ExpressVPN has more than 3000 servers in 94 countries around the world.

Performance is a particular area in which ExpressVPN excels. Its servers can achieve speeds of up to 135Mbps, so they are naturally ideal for 4K streaming. In addition, ExpressVPN supports streaming platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and HBO.

Although you can only use ExpressVPN on a maximum of five devices at once, it offers unlimited bandwidth and apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems. On its website, ExpressVPN offers live chat support around-the-clock, should you ever need assistance.

ExpressVPN has a robust no-logging policy, a kill switch, VPN split tunneling, AES-256 encryption, TrustedServer technology, private DNS, an integrated speed test, how-to privacy guides, sports streaming guides, IP address masking, a 30-day refund period, and other features.

ExpressVPN’s servers are among the quickest we’ve ever encountered. A network of 3000 servers with Amsterdam servers. Netflix poses no issues. 4K streaming Bandwidth without limit 24/7 support for customers. Absolute safety


4. CyberGhost

Cuberghost VPN

Many of CyberGhost’s over 7200 VPN servers are located in Amsterdam. They will allow you to securely access Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and a plethora of other streaming platforms from anywhere on the planet.

During our testing of CyberGhost, we experienced average speeds of 58Mbps. CyberGhost does not provide the fastest VPN speeds, but it does support 4K streaming and provide unlimited bandwidth. And it can be used simultaneously on up to seven devices.

CyberGhost offers apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux, as do the majority of the leading VPN services. If you ever encounter a problem and require assistance, you’ll be pleased to know that CyberGhost offers around-the-clock customer service. It also offers a 45-day money-back guarantee, which is quite impressive.

In addition, CyberGhost offers a comprehensive selection of online security and privacy features. They consist of a no-logging policy, AES-256 encryption, a kill switch, and the ability to switch between various security protocols (OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard), among others.

Globally, CyberGhost has 7200 VPN servers. Amsterdam is home to 209 servers. Support for 4K streams. Applications compatible with multiple platforms A kill switch, robust encryption, and multiple security protocols are provided. A guarantee of refund for 45 days.


5. PrivateVPN


PrivateVPN is a comprehensive virtual private network that offers a server in Amsterdam as well as numerous other international servers. Even though its 200-server network is modest, they provide impressive average speeds of 71 Mbps.

It provides secure access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer, and numerous other streaming services. And because of the unlimited bandwidth and impressive performance, 4K streaming is possible.

PrivateVPN is downloadable on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Overall, its applications are user-friendly, and the 6-device limit is adequate. PrivateVPN provides excellent security and privacy options, including zero-logging, a kill switch, AES-256 encryption, multiple VPN protocols, and IPv6 leak protection. In addition, there is live chat support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


How to use a VPN in Amsterdam

Below we reveal exactly how to get set up with a VPN while visiting Amsterdam. Never used a VPN before? Not to worry, the process to get setup is simple.

Here’s how to use a VPN in Amsterdam

  1. Firstly, select one of the best Amsterdam VPNs and sign up for a subscription. We’d recommend choosing NordVPN.
  2. Once you’ve chosen a provider and signed up for a subscription, you’ll need to download and install its app on your device.
  3. When you’ve downloaded and installed the app, you can sign in to your account and set it up.
  4. Now that the VPN app is up and running, you can connect to a server located in your chosen location. The best providers offer clear lists of their international VPN servers, so this should be pretty straightforward. A nearby server will offer the best speeds but American travelers can choose a server in the US to regain access to Hulu, for example.
  5. Finally, you can enjoy enhanced online security and privacy in Amsterdam.

How we chose the best VPNs for Amsterdam

Over the past few years, lots of VPNs have entered the market. And when you consider the fact that there are currently thousands of options to choose from, you might have a hard time picking the perfect provider.

But it’s imperative to do your research and carefully select a VPN as you don’t want to end up with a service that’s slow, difficult to use, or logs your internet data. To help find the best VPNs for Amsterdam, we followed these guidelines:

  • Security: We highlight VPN services that offer security features like strong encryption, kill switches, leak prevention, secure protocols, malware protection, and more. These are key to keeping you safe online.
  • Privacy: We only choose providers that have enforced strict no-logging policies. No genuine VPN service should collect your internet traffic and personally identifiable data.
  • Speed: We look for VPN services that offer high-speed servers. Poor VPN speeds can affect the performance of streaming and web browsing.
  • Streaming: The best VPNs are capable of securely accessing top streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu. Plus they allow you to change region on Netflix or other services to view youe home country’s library as you travel.
  • Value for money: We ensure the VPNs we write about offer fairly priced subscriptions so you don’t end up wasting your hard-earned cash.
    Ease of use: We understand that not everyone has used VPNs before, so we test out the best apps to assess their usability and provide easy-to-understand recommendations on using VPN software.

These are just some of the features we analyze when choosing a VPN. You can read more about our full VPN testing methodology here.

How to get an Amsterdam IP address from anywhere

If you would like to access Dutch TV Channels, streaming services or region-locked websites from abroad, you’ll need an IP address from back home.

Here’s how to get an Amsterdam IP address

  • Choose one of the best Amsterdam VPNs and sign up for a subscription. We particularly recommend NordVPN.
  • Sign up for a subscription, the download and install the appropriate app on your device.
    Sign in to your account.
  • Select a server in Amsterdam.
  • That’s it! You will now have an Amsterdam IP address and every website you visit will think you are located in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam VPN FAQ

Why should I use a VPN for Amsterdam?

One of the main benefits of using a VPN for Amsterdam is improved privacy. While there are plenty of internet freedoms in Amsterdam and other parts of The Netherlands, this doesn’t mean threat actors can’t steal your personal data by breaching insecure networks. A VPN will secure all the Wi-Fi networks you connect to in the Dutch capital and encrypt your internet traffic at the same time. As a result, you’ll be able to browse the web safely during your travels.

As well as providing privacy and security benefits, VPNs will also allow you to access geo-restricted online content in Amsterdam. So, if you end up traveling to Amsterdam on holiday and want to stream content that is only available back home, you can unblock it by connecting to a VPN server based in your native country. Or should you wish to access Dutch streaming services from abroad, you can connect to a Netherlands VPN server and bypass geo-restrictions. VPNs are also great at preventing issues like bandwidth throttling and DDoS attacks, ensuring any movies and TV shows you stream in Amsterdam don’t stop to buffer.

Can I use a free VPN for Amsterdam?

While there are lots of free VPNs out there, many don’t offer servers in specific regions like Amsterdam. Typically, free VPNs are constrained by single servers, minuscule data limits, slow speeds, poor security and privacy, in-app advertisements, and a lack of features.

Some free VPNs can even put your online security and privacy at risk. Often, they collect your internet browsing data before selling it to third parties in a bid to generate revenue. But this is highly unethical behavior.

If you want to stay secure online and bypass geo-restrictions by using a VPN service in Amsterdam, we’d recommend choosing a premium offering.

Is it legal to use a VPN in Amsterdam?

If you’re thinking of using a VPN in Amsterdam, one of the questions that may be on your mind is whether this is legal or not. Because the Netherlands hasn’t enforced any internet restrictions, using VPN services in Amsterdam is safe and legal (as it is in most of the world). But it would be against the law to use a VPN in Amsterdam for conducting illegal activities online, like internet piracy.

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