Best Mattresses for Back Pain

Your aching back does not require a mattress that is as firm as a plank, contrary to what most people believe. In point of fact, there is no one mattress that is specially designed to alleviate back pain.

Instead, people who suffer from back pain should look for mattresses that have a medium-firm feel to them, regardless of how you choose to define “medium-firm,” because these beds have the best chance of alleviating both aching and stiffness. For the purpose of compiling this guide, we investigated our most recent mattress recommendations, each of which was chosen following several months of extensive research and testing. From those recommendations, we selected six mattresses that span a variety of price points and feature sets and that we believe are likely to satisfy the needs of the majority of people who suffer from back pain. Check out our section on Notable contenders for more ideas and recommendations. You can read about some of our other recommendations for mattresses with a medium-firm feel in our guides to the best foam mattresses, the best hybrid mattresses, the best innerspring mattresses, and the best inexpensive mattresses.

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