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Best Credit Cards

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Note: We’ll delve into the details of the best Credit Card providers further down, but below is a quick summary of the best Credit Card for the Netherlands in 2024

On the Dutch market, there is a limited selection of credit cards that offer rewards, with the exception of American Express Flying Blue and Membership Rewards cards.

In general, the majority of cardholders will pay their monthly balance by direct debit. You can make installment payments, but you will be charged interest fees.

The Bureau Kredietregistratie (BKR) credit register is likely to be accessed if you apply for a credit card in the Netherlands.

Dutch credit cards employ the chip and PIN method for retail payments; rather than signing a sales slip, a PIN number must be entered. Numerous cards include a contactless payment option for purchases under €50.

Mastercard and Visa are the most generally accepted credit cards in the retail sector in the Netherlands, while American Express is typically only accepted by large retailers with an international clientele.

Let’s take a quick look at the numerous credit cards available in the Netherlands that expats and internationals may want to consider.

Cards issued by American Express in the Netherlands

American Express (AMEX) is present in the Dutch card market, despite the fact that its cards are not as extensively accepted in Europe as Visa or Mastercard. American Express offers credit cards that must be repaid each month.

The foreign transaction fees for non-euro payments made with its Dutch cards are 2.3%. AMEX cards are a fantastic way to accumulate miles and points. Note that the American Express Netherlands website for personal cards (with the exception of the Platinum card) is only available in Dutch!

1. American Express Cards

AMEX offers a variety of cards to Dutch citizens that, when used, can earn points on their Membership Rewards program (MR). This is a very adaptable program with several partners, especially in the travel and airline industries. Membership Reward points can be transferred to any available program of your choosing.

amex green
American Express Green Card

The usual card is the American Express Green Card (€5.50 per month or €66 per year; the first year is free), which does not currently offer a welcome bonus. 1 MR point is accumulated for every €1 spent. You need an annual gross income of €20,000.

Online application

The American Express Gold Card (€16.50 per month or €198 per year, with the first six months free) does not offer a welcome bonus at this time. In addition, it includes two lounge access cards redeemable at 500 airport lounges globally and basic travel insurance. You gain 1.2 MR points for every euro spent. You need a gross income of €20,000 per year.

Online application

American Express Platinum
American Express Platinum

The American Express Platinum Metal Card (€58.50 per month or €702 per year; first year half-price) is a premium card with numerous travel perks. There is no welcome bonus currently available. In addition, it includes all-inclusive travel insurance, Privium Plus membership (Schiphol border control), access to airport lounges worldwide, and a €150 travel credit certificate. Each euro spent yields 1.5 MR points. Gross annual income of €30,000 is required.

Online application

amex blue

American Express – BlueThe American Express Blue Card (€35 yearly, free first year and continues to be free if annual card spend exceeds €3,000) is the base card product and delivers 1 MR point per €2 spent. You need a gross income of €20,000 per year.

Online application

2. KLM Flying Blue American Express Cards

KLM Flying Blue American Express Cards

These could be beneficial for frequent KLM/Air France fliers and Flying Blue members. The cards offer Flying Blue Award Mile benefits on the first €500 spent within three months.

The Flying Blue Silver Card comes with a basic welcome bonus of 2,500 20,000* Flying Blue miles and 15 25* XP points for elite rank. The earning rates for this card are 0.8 miles per €1 spent and 1 mile per €1 spent at KLM/Air France. You need a gross income of €20,000 per year. Here you can apply for the Flying Blue Silver card.

The Flying Blue Gold Card (€170, €85 annual fee) provides 7,500 25,000* bonus miles and 30 50* XP points for elite status. The card’s earning rates are 1 mile for every €1 spent and 1.5 miles (award and level) for every €1 spent with KLM/Air France. You need a gross income of €20,000 per year. Here is the application for the Flying Blue Gold Card

The premium Flying Blue Platinum Card (€600, €300 for the first year) comes with 15,000 40,000* extra miles, full travel insurance, and 60 90* XP points for elite status. The card’s earning rates are 1.5 miles per €1 spent and 2 miles (award and level) for €1 spent on KLM/Air France purchases. Gross annual income of €30,000 is required. Here you can apply for the Flying Blue Platinum card.

The Flying Blue Entry Card (€35 annually) comes with a welcome bonus of 2,500 miles and an earning rate of 0.5 miles every €1 spent. You need a gross income of €20,000 per year.

Card applications for American Express may take up to ten business days to process. See American Express Cards in the Netherlands – A Comprehensive Guide for More Information.

3. American Express Business Cards – If you operate your own business and require a card for business purposes only, American Express offers two different cards. These purchases earn Membership Rewards points, and because business expenses can be substantial, they might be a means to amass a substantial point balance. The first year of each card is free.

You must present a number from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) and have been in company for at least one year. The AMEX business card website is available in both Dutch and English.

American Express Green Card for Business

The American Express Business Green Card (€85, first year free) is presently offering a 12,000 MR points bonus on the first €500 spent within the first three months. Spending one euro yields one MR point. The card provides coverage for business travel-related accidents and inconveniences. You need a gross income of €23,000 per year. Apply for a Green card for business here.

business gold from American Express

The American Express Business Gold Card (annual fee of €225; first year free) is presently offering 25,000 MR points on the first €2,500 spent within three months. Spending one euro yields one MR point. The card provides accident, disruption, and cancellation coverage for business trips. Purchase and refund protections are also available. You need a gross income of €36,000 per year. Here you may apply for the Business Gold Card.

Cards issued by Dutch Banks
In order to function financially while residing in Holland, it is essential to create a bank account. Credit card applications are typically available at the majority of banks. To apply for one of the following cards, you must generally be a client of the bank.

4. ABN Amro Credit Cards

ABN AMRO provides excellent banking services for expats residing in the Netherlands, with a great deal of information available in English. If you decide to bank with ABN AMRO, its branded Mastercard credit card products (issued by ICS, International Card Services) are likely to be a convenient option.


The ABN AMRO Credit Card has a credit limit of up to €5,000 and a monthly charge of €1.70 (€20.40 per year). To qualify for the basic card, you must earn a minimum of €1,150 net per month (about €15,000 gross annually).

The ABN AMRO Gold Card has an annual fee of €46.80 and a maximum credit limit of €5,000. It offers some rental car insurance coverage. In addition, a minimum net monthly income of €1,150 is required.

For holders of the ABN AMRO student package, the ABN AMRO Student Credit Card costs €1.16 per month (€13.92 per year). The credit limit is up to €500 (for monthly wages less than €500) and €1,000 (for monthly incomes greater than €500). Please note that only Dutch passport holders are eligible for the student card.

ABN AMRO delivers monthly paper credit card statements in addition to online and mobile access to account activity. At every ABN AMRO ATM in the Netherlands, PIN codes can be modified. Two percent are imposed as foreign exchange fees for non-euro payments.

Using the ABN AMRO app, it is possible to open an ABN AMRO bank account online in approximately ten minutes without visiting a branch. Credit card details for ABN AMRO can be found here.

5. ING Credit Cards

The prominent retail bank ING also offers its own brand of Mastercards. Creditcard, PlatinumCard, and Student Creditcard are the three possible cards with ING banking packages.

The annual fee for the ING Creditcard is €19.80, and the credit limit ranges from €1,000 to €5,000.

The ING PlatinumCard has a credit limit between €1,000 and €20,000 and costs €52.20 per year. Either card requires a minimum of €650 per month to be deposited into an ING account.

The ING Student CreditCard carries an annual fee of €13.80 and a $1,000 credit limit.

Non-Euro payments incur a 2% foreign exchange fee from ING. The cards can be controlled using the ‘Mijn ING’ web portal or the mobile banking app.


6. Rabobank Credit Cards

The major Dutch retail bank Rabobank offers its own branded “RaboCard” Mastercards and Visa cards, which are included in a number of banking packages. Depending on the package, the cards are either free or come with a nominal fee.

The minimum credit limit on a regular RaboCard is €1,000. The minimum credit limit for the Rabo GoldCard is €2,500; however, larger amounts are available to users with premium packages. Foreign transaction fees for non-euro payments made with a Rabo card are 2%. A net monthly income of at least €1,000 is required.

7. ASN Credit Card

Moral bank ASN (part of the Volksbank group) provides a Visa credit card issued by ICS for €22.50 annually. Depending on your salary, a maximum credit limit of €2,500 is available. ASN will make a small contribution to a sustainable initiative every time the card is used. Forex costs for non-euro payments are 2 percent . Only ASN account holders are eligible for the card.

8. SNS Bank Credit Card

SNS Bank (also part of the Volksbank group) provides a branded Visa issued by ICS for €18.50 per year or €14 per year for student account holders. Depending on income, a loan limit between €500 and €5,000 is offered. Likewise, the foreign exchange cost for non-euro payments is 2%. Only SNS account holders are eligible for the card.

9. Knab Credit Cards

The online bank Knab (part of the Aegon Group) gives account package users the choice between a Knab Credit Card (MasterCard) and an American Express Green Card. Here you may register for Knab.

The Knab Mastercard is complimentary with the €5 per month Knab Plus regular banking package. Credit limits range between 1,000 and 5,000 euros. The currency fee for non-euro payments is 2 percent.

The Amex Green Card is free for the first year and then costs €66 per year; however, the annual fee is waived if you spend a minimum of €1,500 per year. Non-euro payment fee is 2.5 percent .

MasterCard and Visa (Generic Cards)
ICS (International Card Services) provides generic Visa and Mastercards. For the majority of cards, you will need a net monthly income of €1,150; for the Mastercard Black card, you will need €1,250. Generally, non-euro currency exchange fees are 2%. (except the Mastercard Gold card which is 1.5 percent ). The maximum credit limit for each card is €5,000.

The card may be administered via the ICS online portal or mobile app.

There are two types of Visa World Cards: the normal Visa World Card (€36.50, free for the first year) and the Visa World Card Gold (€55, €36.50 for the first year).

There are three types of Mastercards: the Mastercard Classic Card (€26 per year), the Mastercard Gold Card (€37.50), and the Mastercard Black Card (€204). Priority Pass airport lounge access and travel insurance are included with the Black card.

Credit Cards of Other Issuers
12. ANWB Credit Cards – ANWB (Royal Dutch Touring Club) is the largest motoring club in the Netherlands (like AA, RAC in the UK or AAA in the US).

It offers three card options to its members: a basic ANWB Visa Card for €16, an ANWB Silver Visa Card for €26.50 (half-price the first year), and an ANWB Gold Visa Card for €38.50 (first year free). Credit limits may not exceed €5,000. The Silver and Gold cards provide additional rental car insurance coverage.

Cards are issued by ICS, with a minimum net monthly salary of €1,150 for the regular card, €1,200 for the Silver card, and €1,250 for the Gold card. Non-euro foreign transaction fees are 2% for regular and silver cards, and 1.5% for Gold.

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