Turkish contractor arrested while trying to escape the country after eartquake

After the devastating earthquake that caused over 23,000 lives lost in Turkey and Syria, investigations into the buildings that collapsed have begun.

One of the contractors of the “Renaissance” residence with 250 apartments in Hatay where 1000 people lived was arrested while trying to escape to Montenegro.

He is Mehmet Yaşar Coşkun and he was caught at Istanbul airport full of cash while trying to leave. The contractor had chosen to flee to Montenegro, where he also has a consultancy firm called ‘Antis Yapı’, which he founded together with his brother Hüseyin Coşkun, who is a civil engineer, in Montenegro.

“The 250-flat residence in Antakya, which was advertised as ‘a square from heaven’, was destroyed by the earthquake”

Coşkun, who was caught by the order of the Gaziosmanpaşa Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, was taken into custody and taken to the police station.


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