Ukraine to receive another €540 million in aid

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WASHINGTON – The World Bank is providing more than €540 million in financial aid to Ukraine to help the country in the war with Russia. This brings the total amount of aid from the World Bank to Ukraine since the Russian invasion to more than €13 billion.

According to the World Bank, 11 billion of the entire aid amount has now been used for aid in Ukraine. For example, the money goes to healthcare, education, pensions, benefits and financing of government institutions.

“The toll taken by the destruction, damage and disruption in Ukraine is staggering and continues to grow,” World Bank executive Anna Bjerde said in a statement. “The Ukrainian people have a long road to recovery and its development partners must continue to work together to support Ukraine’s reconstruction.”

The World Bank estimates that the cost of reconstruction and recovery in Ukraine after the war will exceed EUR 100 billion over the next three years. The war has severely damaged the Ukrainian economy and infrastructure.



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