Tilburg man suspected of laundering 7 million euros in a year and a half

A 31-year-old man from Tilburg is suspected of laundering more than 7 million euros in a year and a half. The police do not rule out that the laundered amount is actually even larger.

The man was arrested on Tuesday after a search of a home, a car company and several garage boxes in Tilburg, the police reported on Saturday.

The police also seized nine cars, several expensive watches and various digital information. In one of the garage boxes, agents found a car containing dozens of kilos of hashish with a street value of more than 600,000 euros.

According to the police, the suspect may have laundered digital money for criminals. This is also known as underground banking. There is often a mix of the upper and underworld in these types of practices, the police say.

The investigation into the Tilburger is still ongoing. The police are also investigating who owned the car containing the hashish. The drugs themselves have since been destroyed.


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