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Police officer prosecuted for fatal Maasdam scooter accident

The Public Prosecution Service (OM) in Rotterdam will prosecute a 43-year-old officer for causing a fatal accident in Maasdam last December with his police vehicle. A 29-year-old Den Bosch scooter rider was killed.

It is suspected that the agent violated Article 6 of the Road Traffic Act. This article prohibits any road user from acting in such a manner that “a traffic accident occurs due to his fault.”

Driven irresponsibly
The accident in the South Holland village occurred on a parallel road to the N217, the primary route to Oud-Beijerland, on December 20. The police vehicle and the woman on the scooter collided. She died as a result of her severe injuries. Regional broadcaster Rijnmond reported that the officers in the vehicle were unharmed.

It was immediately apparent that the police car was not involved in a pursuit. According to a National Criminal Investigation Department investigation, the 43-year-old officer who was driving on the service road acted “considerably carelessly.” The date of the case’s substantive hearing is currently unknown.



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