Nineteen-year-old woman assaulted for 40 minutes in empty train compartment

A 19-year-old woman was groped and assaulted by a man on a train for forty minutes on Monday evening. The young woman was on her way from Amsterdam to Alkmaar. She was only able to sound the alarm when she left the train, the police reported on Tuesday.

The woman was sitting in an empty compartment of the train. Immediately after boarding a man came and sat next to her.

The police are looking for the man. He is around forty and has a light skin tone. Furthermore, he is about 1.70 meters and he is balding with short blond hair. The man also has a tattoo on his face, police wrote on Twitter.

A police spokesperson does not want to tell why the woman could not sound the alarm earlier when she was still on the train. NS can also say nothing about this when asked.

Police have not yet released any statements about the identity of the victim. Police have secured CCTV footage and are currently investigating the matter.

The police write on Twitter that people who feel unsafe on the train can send a WhatsApp message to a telephone number of the NS. In situations where emergency assistance is necessary, the police recommend that you call 112.

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