Multiple dead and injured in Oud Gastel traffic accident

Several people were killed and injured in a traffic accident in Oud Gastel, Noord-Brabant, on Friday evening, the police reported. The accident happened at the Blauwhekken. Two cars collided, police arrested one of the drivers.

There were five people in one car. Several occupants of this car have died, the other occupants have been “substantially injured.” The police deliberately do not mention details such as ages, because the next of kin must first be informed.

Three people were in the other vehicle, who were uninjured. The driver of this car has been arrested, the other two have been taken to the station to testify as a witness. The accident took place at a business park near traffic lights.

The report of the accident came in to police around 6:25 p.m. Several ambulances and trauma helicopters were called in.

It is still unknown how the vehicles could collide with each other. The road will remain closed for the time being for investigation. Traffic specialists will need hours for this. The police hear witnesses and arrange victim assistance for them.

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