Burning tea lights found at wildfire in Best

The fire brigade found burning tea lights on forest paths in the nature area in Best in Brabant, where fire broke out in the night from Thursday to Friday. A spokesperson for the security region confirms this. According to a spokesperson, they were put there because of a tour that had been plotted for the youth. It is under investigation whether they were also the cause of the fire.

“We see no immediate reason to assume that this is the cause. But it is extremely inconvenient to go into the forest with youth in the dark and use burning objects, especially now that it is so dry,” said the spokesman. He said the police are now conducting further investigations.

The police spoke with the fire brigade on Friday afternoon about whether it is necessary to open an investigation. A police spokesman said the search was organized by a division of the Scouts. There is a scouting building near the forest, but it was not the local scouting group that organized the tour. It was about another scouting group, but the spokesperson does not know where it came from.

In addition to tea lights, lanterns were also set out along the route, the spokesman for the fire brigade said. He said he found it incomprehensible – apart from the lights – that quests are organized at night in a bone-dry forest. “The fire brigade does not count on children in the forest in an emergency,” he said. “We do not expect a group of children walking around there, even without tea lights that is dangerous. That is not responsible. We spoke to someone from the management about this.”

A wildfire raged on the Schietbaanlaan in Best in Brabant. According to the fire brigade, a piece of land measuring approximately two hundred by eighty meters was on fire. Several units came out to fight the fire. The fire is now under control, but the fire service expects to be busy extinguishing the fire for some time.

Due to the fire in Best and the wildfire in the Peel, which started on Wednesday and is still being fought, there is nuisance (smoke smell) in the region. The fire brigade advises people who experience nuisance to close windows and doors and switch off the ventilation.

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