Almost ten thousand Ukrainian refugees have already found a job in the Netherlands

According to a representative for the benefits agency UWV, there are currently 9,615 Ukrainian refugees working in the Netherlands. This is more than double the number from the beginning of the month. These data come from employer reports, according to the agency.

Employers who hire a Ukrainian refugee have been compelled to report to the UWV since last month. There were 9,615 reports received between the beginning of April and last Friday.

There were more than 550 reports in the first week of April, more than 850 in the second week, and more than 1,550 in the third week. The UWV received 1,350 employer reports in the last week of April, and 5,315 in the first three weeks of March.

Only 4,300 Ukrainian refugees had found work in the Netherlands as of the beginning of this month. Then it was discovered that the majority of them were employed through an employment agency and worked primarily in the Amsterdam area. In the meanwhile, it’s unclear what those ties are.

Approximately 60,000 Ukrainian refugees are now registered in Dutch municipalities. Around 17% of them have already obtained employment.

Employers must apply for a work permit in order to hire a refugee in theory, but the EU has made an exception for Ukrainian refugees. They will be able to begin functioning immediately in the following year, with minimal administration. Employers who recruit a Ukrainian in the Netherlands must still notify the UWV.

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