Giro 7244 raises 1.2 million euros after earthquake in Turkey and Syria

So far, almost 1.2 million euros have been donated to Giro 7244 for the victims of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, a spokesman for the Red Cross reports.

Giro 7244 opened on Monday after the strong earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria that morning. On Monday evening it turned out that more than 700,000 euros had been deposited on the giro number.

A spokesman for the Red Cross says that a lot is being donated. “It’s heartwarming that people are so involved.” The aid organization has calculated that at least 70 million euros are needed for emergency aid.

The natural disaster caused enormous damage. More than 4,300 people did not survive the disaster and it is feared that this number will rise.

The Red Cross helps to remove victims from under the rubble and provides first aid, manning ambulances and transporting the injured to hospital. The organization provides shelter for people who have lost their homes with blankets, tents, catering and mobile kitchens.

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