Serbian human rights activist accused of hiding mass graves

A Serbian human rights activist who specializes in investigating war crimes in the former Yugoslavia has been accused of concealing evidence about mass graves.

According to the KoSSev news portal, Ahmet Grajcevci, the director of the Kosovo Coordination Council for Missing Persons, has accused former Humanitarian Law Fund president Nataša Kandić of failing to provide information about mass graves in Serbia containing the bodies of Kosovo Albanians.

Kandic knows secrets, according to Grajcevci, who spoke to KTV in Pristina. “Kandic knows secrets that she will not divulge.” Kandic and all witnesses were openly intimidated by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Parliament Speaker Ivica Dacic, who said that anyone who testified regarding the locations of mass graves would be prosecuted to the full extent of Serbian law. I believe she is aware of more information but refuses to share it. “And it’s not only Kandic, but a lot of other people,” he added.

According to him, the question of missing persons is entirely political. Serbians, he claims, find mass graves when they are needed. The European Union, according to Grajevci, is not interested in uncovering mass graves in Serbia. “Everything would be done in 24 hours if they wanted it.”

They have pinpointed the locations of mass graves in Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Croatia,” he claimed.

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