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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Dutch navy ship intercepts 2,600 kilos of drugs in the Caribbean

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A Dutch navy ship has seized almost 2,600 kilos of cocaine in the Caribbean Sea in recent days. The Zr.Ms. Groningen intercepted more than 2,000 kilos on Tuesday and around 560 kilos last Sunday.

It is the ninth drug seizure for the Groningen since the patrol ship started operating in the Caribbean. The Ministry of Defense reports this on X (formerly Twitter).

The Groningen was alerted to the two catches by the Caribbean Coast Guard. He had spotted smuggling boats, and the Groningens deployed a fast interception boat.

The first group of six suspects also refused to stop after warning shots. The soldiers disabled this boat by shooting up the outboard motor.

During the chase, the suspects threw packages of drugs into the water, which were later recovered. The second smuggling boat did stop after warning shots. All suspects and the consignments of drugs have been handed over to local authorities.

The navy is typically present in the Caribbean with a patrol ship. This ship can be used against drug and human smuggling, among other things, and to provide assistance in the event of natural disasters.

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