Dutch and Belgian ‘drug barons’ arrested in Spain

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Two suspected gang leaders have been caught following the seizure of 3,850 kilograms of cocaine. In Spain and in two other countries, nine people were arrested including two Dutch and Belgian criminals. After an extensive investigation, police found two villas that the gang leaders were living at before being captured.

The searches turned up an additional 2300 kilograms of cocaine, expensive cars and other digital files. Police said that the properties were located in Marbella’s most exclusive neighborhoods, at least one house had offices, three saunas and a court for playing paddle.

Police were closely tracking a drug gang, who were transporting 556 kilos of cocaine hidden in a shipment of soya flour, intercepted in Brazil. The highlight was when a total of 2300 kg was seized by the Belgian Antwerp police and two shipments of 586kg and 409kg were seized by Dutch police in Rotterdam.




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