This dream destination will soon be more difficult to visit

Pearly white beaches, swaying palm trees and always a summer temperature: do you always dream of spending your holiday on one of the paradise islands of French Polynesia? Perhaps it is wise to quickly make those holiday plans concrete. The French overseas collectivity in the South Pacific has announced that it will admit fewer tourists for the next five years.

That may seem like bad news for holidaymakers, but the island will only benefit from it. At least, that is what the French Polynesian government hopes.

It wants to counter mass tourism in the hope of preserving the natural beauty of the country as much as possible. The government also hopes that the local culture will not be lost in this way. It is all part of the so-called sustainability campaign that the leaders of French Polynesia want to champion.

What does that mean practically? Every year, a maximum of 280,000 tourists will be allowed to visit the paradise islands. In 2019, around 300,000 people traveled to this dream destination, an absolute record.

It is also the case that tourists who come to spend their holidays via local and small cruise companies (ships that can fit no more than 700 passengers) have priority. Large cruise ships are banned as much as possible.

French Polynesia, made up of 121 islands and atolls, includes popular travel destinations such as Tahiti and Bora Bora. Favorite places for lovebirds who want to spend their honeymoon, but also for people who love snorkeling.


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