Don’t ignore them: Here are 10 symptoms that reveal iron deficiency in the blood

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Iron deficiency in the human body is a major cause of anemia or anemia, and sideropenic anemia is the most common type of anemia. Sideropenic anemia is manifested by dizziness, weakness, and constant fatigue. Check out what these surprising symptoms can reveal that you are suffering from iron deficiency in your blood.

1. You are tired

This is the most common symptom of iron deficiency, and Dr. Nancy Berliner states that women often miss this symptom because they have learned to get tired so they will dismiss it as a symptom. However, it is good to explain that iron deficiency causes a reduced flow of oxygen to the tissues, so the body will be deprived of the energy it needs. If you are tired and quite nervous and have trouble focusing, iron deficiency may be to blame.

2. You have heavy periods

In women, iron deficiency is one of the main causes of heavy menstruation, says gynecologist Jacques Moritz. “Women in this situation lose large amounts of blood, and only about half are compensated, and then they lose the same amount of blood again next month,” she adds. If such changes have occurred in your period, it is time to talk to a gynecologist.

3. You are pale

Hemoglobin gives the blood a red color and that is why our skin is exactly pink. This means that lower protein levels can also “take” color from your face. If you are pale, it is easy to notice changes. But regardless of skin tone, if you notice that the skin in the oral cavity is pale, it may be just a lack of iron.

4. You are often out of breath

No matter how deep you take a breath you still feel like you don’t have enough air? Dr. Berliner states that this problem is often noticed in iron deficiency and it is necessary to deal with it, especially if you are out of breath when performing actions that do not otherwise cause this problem.

5. Your heart beats faster

A heart that works so hard can suffer because of this, and various conditions and even heart failure can develop. Before you get scared, it’s good to remember that before things go wrong, you have to suffer from anemia for quite some time. But even if you have heart problems, be sure to see a doctor if you notice any changes.

6. Restless legs syndrome

Can’t be there? About 15 percent of people who suffer from restless legs syndrome are deficient in iron, and the less iron in the body, the worse the symptoms will be.

7. You have a headache

Iron deficiency will cause more oxygen to travel to the brain, and only then other organs and tissues come in line, resulting in arterial swelling that will cause headaches, according to experts from the National Headache Foundation.

8. You are anxious for no real reason

Although you don’t have to worry much about stress today, iron deficiency can be one of the reasons why you feel anxious. Lack of oxygen disrupts the nervous system, which will affect your mood, and iron deficiency will cause faster heartbeats, which will lead you to a well-known situation when you feel anxiety and do not know why.

9. Lose hair

Iron deficiency, especially when it develops into severe anemia, can cause hair loss. “The body is then in a state of survival, so it will send oxygen only for the needs of vital functions, which means that the rest of the body will suffer and so will the scalp,” says Dr. Moritz. You don’t have to panic right away, but if you notice you’re losing more than 100 hairs a day, it may be time to see a doctor.

10. You are a vegetarian or vegan

Not every iron is the same. The body absorbs what comes from meat and fish two to three times more efficiently than that of plant origin. However, you can get enough iron if you plan wisely, so add green leafy vegetables, whole grains to your plate and combine them with foods rich in vitamin C, such as peppers, broccoli or blueberries, to help absorb iron.

Foods that contain iron

It is not necessary to have all the symptoms, each person has others. It is important to get iron into the body through food, and these are some of the foods that contain it;

1. ENTRAILS: Organic animal breeding guarantees the highest quality meat, as well as the liver, which is an excellent source of iron, minerals, vitamins, and proteins. Pork liver is perhaps the best choice because it is less fatty and contains the most iron and vitamin C.

2. OYSTERS: Opt for oysters because they will generously gift you with lots of iron. There are also mussels, squid, and rabbits which are also excellent sources of this mineral.

3. MILLET: A cereal that is no longer so prevalent in favorite foods offers 9 mg of iron per 100 grams, making it ideal for a replacement for this mineral.

4. RED MEAT: Red meat, like beef, is a known source of this mineral. Only 85 g contains 5.25 mg of iron.

5. PUMPKIN SEEDS: This popular snack is an iron packet, just one cup of whole seeds offer 2 mg of iron.

6. SOY: One handful of soy contains about 4 mg of iron, and in addition offers the body minerals such as copper, which protects blood vessels and the immune system.



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