Lufthansa is looking for 20,000 new employees as air traffic picks up again

German airline Lufthansa is looking for 20,000 new employees. The company needs new employees because many people are flying again now that the corona pandemic seems to be over.

This not only concerns pilots and other cabin crew, but also support functions such as IT specialists, lawyers and technical staff. Lufthansa hopes to fill the vacancies before the end of next year.

The company is not only looking in Germany, but also in Austria, Switzerland and Belgium, among others. The Lufthansa group also includes Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Swiss.

The airline had to cut its workforce considerably during the corona crisis. At the end of 2019, the last year before the pandemic, the German company still had 138,000 employees. At the end of September 2022, 108,000 of them remained.

In addition to attracting many new employees, Lufthansa will also invest in new aircraft.

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