EasyJet and Rolls-Royce successfully test their first hydrogen engine

Airline easyJet and aircraft engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce say they have successfully tested an aircraft engine running on hydrogen for the first time. It was a ground test with a concept engine that runs on green hydrogen. The hydrogen is produced from renewable sources, such as wind and tidal energy.

EasyJet announced in September that it would invest billions in reducing CO2 emissions. Hydrogen technology must have reduced those emissions by almost 80 percent by 2050. easyJet will also invest 21 billion euros in more economical and quieter aircraft in the coming years.

At the beginning of this year, the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus announced that it would also test hydrogen engines together with the French-American engine manufacturer CFM International. The American competitor Boeing puts the emphasis on flying with the more sustainable jet fuel SAF.

KLM also wants to reduce CO2 emissions with SAF. The company aims for a reduction of 75 percent compared to kerosene. Since this year, the airline has been adding a little SAF to the fuel system for every flight departing from Schiphol. Because SAF is not yet available in large quantities and is therefore much more expensive than kerosene, according to KLM flying entirely on SAF is not yet possible2

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