Earthquake opportunists fined 4.2 million euros

The Ministry of Commerce imposed an administrative fine of 84 million 975 thousand TL (4’219’475.00 euros) on 353 companies that increased the price of urgently needed materials due to the earthquake.

The Turkish Ministry of Commerce imposed penalties on businesses that were found to have increased exorbitant prices for materials that are urgently needed after the great earthquake disaster by the Unfair Price Evaluation Board. In this context, a total of 4’219’475.00 euros administrative fines were imposed on 353 companies.

The following information was given in the written statement made by the Ministry:

“After the earthquake that took place in our country, urgently needed materials (heater, ready-made food parcel, blanket, raincoat, hygiene kit, hygiene diapers for women and the elderly, sleeping bags, baby food, powerbank, winter boots and coats, scarves, berets, gloves, etc.) The allegations regarding the exorbitant price increase (toilet paper, etc.) were examined by the Ministry.

Inspections were carried out on the businesses that sell these products in retail sales points and electronic commerce marketplaces, both ex officio and upon complaint, by the Turkish Ministry, and a total of 353 companies that were deemed to have increased exorbitant prices at the Unfair Price Evaluation Board meeting held within the framework of the determinations made. 

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