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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Eindhoven ecstasy boss arrested in a major drug action

EINDHOVEN – The police arrested eight people in a major drug operation on Tuesday morning, including the Eindhoven drug criminal Peter S. (59). This happened in a number of raids in Eindhoven, Valkenswaard, Waalre, and Bladel, among others

Today, the National Criminal Investigation Department, the judiciary, and the FIOD raided the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain. The main suspect, the 59-year-old drug criminal from Eindhoven, has been arrested in detention. He would be released tomorrow. The other suspects are men between the ages of 29 and 54.

The men are said to have been involved in the large-scale production of synthetic drugs. The police raided 14 homes and business premises. For example at a shop on the Hoogstraat in Eindhoven. It is unclear whether it concerns the clothing store in that street or the apartment above it. 

Drug lord 

The main suspect is Peter S. (59), according to reports from the Telegraaf, and is confirmed by the police. He is one of the big boys in the drug world. 

S. was once sentenced to thirteen years in prison and his house was shelled with machine guns in 2010 after he had just been released. In 2013, he was searched at Schiphol. He had a strange belt on and when customs asked what it was, he said it had 180,000 euros in it. In 2019 he was convicted of money laundering, he had to pay back 180 grand. He would have earned a total of millions from drug trafficking, including with ecstasy. 


In July 2020, the police and the judiciary announced that they could view messages from Encrochat’s secure phones and have intercepted 20 million chat messages from criminals. More than 100 suspects were arrested at the time. This has prevented various liquidations and kidnappings.

The police continued to decrypt these messages and ended up with a criminal network that was dealt with today.


The searches in the various homes and business premises took place in Eindhoven, Valkenswaard, Waalre, Heeze, Eersel, Venlo, Eindhoven, Weert and Bladel. Among other things, data carriers were searched. During the searches, the police found a kilo of suspected crystal meth, a large number of chemicals, several boilers for making synthetic drugs, and a firearm.

The suspects have been arrested and detained for questioning. They will be arraigned on Friday. Police do not rule out the arrest of more suspects and are continuing the investigation.