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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

The first snowflakes of the season have fallen in the Netherlands

It’s Saturday morning. Wonderful, weekend. You open the curtains and yes: everything looks white. This is the first layer of snow that has fallen this winter season.

“The first cover of snow falls on time, on average it is white somewhere in our country in the current climate on December 3, “says the weather service. According to the website, it was a hit in the east of Brabant and in parts of Gelderland. White meadows and snow-covered cars: it remains a beautiful sight. It also freezes early in the morning in many places in Brabant, according to Buienradar. The snow will be short because most of it will have thawed in the course of the morning.

Code yellow

The KNMI has issued a code yellow for the province of Brabant, which also applies to Gelderland since Saturday morning. In the east of Brabant, roads can still be slippery due to snow remnants. Until Monday, the cold air will remain in our country and the chance of winter showers will remain high. It can turn white, especially in the Limburg hills, on the Veluwe and in other higher parts of the interior.

Last year the first snow fell exceptionally late, on December 29 it was white in Groningen for the first time. The earliest layer of snow ever fell in our country on October 12, 1975, in the late evening on the Vaalserberg.