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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

AEDs to be included for employer’s safety in the Netherlands

The time has finally come to add AED into our healthy and safe work environment in the Netherlands says AED consultant Jeroen Camies.

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is significant to each office and factory, however this has not been mandatory yet by the Working Conditions Act.

In order for workers to work in a healthy workplace, they must have AEDs since there’s an increase in cardiac cases at work environments.

According to a report conducted by the Hartsichting and HartlagNu, an AEDs acute shortage all over the Netherlands has been happening, and not every employee is aware about it. That is why, with AED in the company environments, the national and local safety of AEDs can be made possible.

The Working Conditions Act expected some crucial rules to make sure that the safety of employees and workers at work environments is present. For instance, escape routes, fire extinguishers and emergency response officers must be in the building at all times.

“It’s ironic that the act doesn’t emphasise much on the importance of placing AEDs in offices. More than 17,000 workers and employees suffer a cardiac arrest every year. In many such cases, a person can be saved by providing them with the initial fast-aid with a defibrillator on time.Why does the government not encourage companies that have an AED kopen through a subsidy? With this, the Dutch government is also not taking its responsibility,” stated Jeroen Camies from AEDmaster.

Further, a firm has to hire a technician in order to accurately operate AEDs when there’s an emergency. Someone who has a medical background and experience with such medial devices should be hired. AEDs may have different colors, functions and designs, which is why the uniform guidelines and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) should be included by the Working Conditions Act for using AEDs.

Although AEDs are different, the majority of them perform the same functions more or less.

The Netherlands includes 2 quality marks: the CE mark and the FDA quality mark. Such AED brands include Zoll, Defibtech and Philips and HeartSine.

AED is not mandatory, however, this is something that needs to be considered by the workers and employers at the sake of their safety. It applies to all firms, clubs, schools, organisations, colleges, factories.