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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Eurovision 2021 – Italy wins the contest for the third time

With 524 points in total, Italy’s rock band Måneskin won the 65th Eurovision Song Contest that was held in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The band left a great impression on the public. Their winning song Zitti e Buoni landed them only the 4th place after the jury votes were counted, but after 318 points added from the public, they secured the first place.

France came in second with 499 points, while Switzerland came in third with 432 points. The UK came in last with no points.

This win marks Italy’s 3rd Eurovision win, their 1st win being in 1964 and their 2nd in 1990.

As the band got on stage to take their prize, Måneskin’s lead singer Damiano David said: “We just want to say to the whole [of] Europe, to the whole world, that rock and roll never dies.”

Because the winners’ song choice and genre was not that of typical Eurovision contestants, they proved that music quality matters. “That prize shows that this is not (a) cheesy event. This is a musical event,” stated David after the show.

The bass guitarist of the band – Victoria de Angelis highlighted the importance of their win for Italy, which was one of the most affected nations from the coronavirus, by saying: “This is a message of hope after this hard year we’ve been through.”

While Eurovision was cancelled last year due to the virus outbreak and the pandemic, this year it was held under protective measures, with 3,500 fans that have all been tested negative as the crowd who watched the finalists perform live.

The song that came in second – Voilà, sung by Barbara Pravi, left a good impression on both the public and the jury with her flawless grand final performance. With 248 points from the jury and another 251 from the public vote, she managed to sweep the 2nd place.

Switzerland’s entry Tour l’univers by Gjon’s Tears, was leading by the time all the countries voted with 267 points, leaving France and Italy behind. But, the public only gave them an extra 165 points, landing them in 3rd place.

The UK came in last place, with their entry Embers performed by James Newman not managing to leave an impression on neither the jury nor the public. He was comforted on stage by Jendrik Sigwart of Germany, who himself only earned 3 points by the jury.

Featuring chart-topper Flo Rida, San Marino’s entry Adrenalina by Senhit was greatly anticipated. However, she only managed to get 50 points in total, coming in 22nd place.

With 26 countries participating and performing in the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam, this year’s Eurovision was a great success that left the crowd and all of their spectators pleased by the amazing performances.

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