Microsoft and Hanshow to launch a cloud-based software for global operators

On Thursday, Microsoft’s branch in China came out with a statement to introduce the partnership with Hanshow – a Chinese retail tech company, as they team up on their cloud-based software for global store promoters.

This partnership is considered as Microsoft’s latest campaign into a retail production, which is used to promote a shift online. Further, omni-channel retail – an approach to sales with internet-based program, also has a grocery delivery request as well.

According to Joe Bao – strategy officer for Microsoft in China, he said that this partnership is a win-win situation for both China’s market and China’s technology abroad. It took 5 years for the agreement to be made public after Microsoft’s work with Hanshow.

Furthermore, this partnership is also a result of the Chinese and U.S firms working in intense political surroundings, with a focus on technology and exchange.

Currently, Hanshow’s main clients include supermarkets in Europe and China. According to the company, their products have electronic shelf tags that can tell when the prices change, and they also have a system that helps employers decrease the time it takes for them to pack produce for shipping.

One of the deal’s aspect is that Hanshow will get to use Microsoft’s softwares like Word, Dynamics 365, and both companies can share their worldwide network of users and then inaugurate a development and research team.

10 years ago, Hanshow was founded in Beijing, whereas now its offices can be found in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Australia and Denmark. Recently, Hanshow has set up an office in the U.S as well.

”Offline stores aren’t going to die out, the uncertainty in the future is what the ratio will be.” said Gao Bo – chief architect at Hanshow.


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