Beckham and Gerrard – the latest players of the Premier League Hall of Fame

The Premier League Hall of Fame welcomes David Beckham and Steven Gerrard as the most recent former players in the list.

David Beckham has won 10 trophies throughout his career with Manchester United. 6 of them included Premier League titles, whereas 4 others were trophies of a European and domestic triple. Additionally, Beckham was the 8th former player to be added to the list.

Steven Gerrard has won 9 huge trophies throughout his 710 games with Liverpool, one of them being a Champions League trophy. This makes Gerrard the only Liverpool player to have been added to the list of the Hall of Fame, as well as the first player of the list who did not win a Premier League title.

Beckham on the other hand, is Manchester United’s third player who joined former players Eric Cantona and Roy Keane.

Other players who are part of the Hall of Fame list are Thierry Henry, Frank Lampard, Alan Shearer, Dennis Bergkamp.

Despite the fact that Gerrard did not win a Premier League title, he has a collection of European honours throughout his 17 years as a player at Anfield.

Gerrard became Liverpool’s captain back in 2003, leading the team to a huge success in 2005 by winning the Champions League. He scored Liverpool’s first goal against AC Milan in the final match that took place in Istanbul.

Apart from this, he also won 2 FA Cups, 3 League Cups, a Uefa Cup, a Uefa Super Cup and a Community Shield with the Reds.

He went on to play with LA Galaxy in the U.S for a short amount of time, only to be back and take charge of Rangers as their manager back in May 2018. His management lead the team to their first title in 10 years.

Beckham began his career at Old Trafford under Sir Alex Ferguson’s management. After that, he played for Real Madrid, AC Milan and LA Galaxy and then ended his career in 2013 with Paris St-Germain.

Moreover, during his playing days, Beckham became one of the world’s most remarkable sports people, as well as the only English player who had won championships in 4 different countries.

The golden period of his career was as a player of Manchester United. Additionally, he won a La Liga title and Spanish Cup with Real Madrid, a French title with Paris St-Germain, and a profound success with LA Galaxy in the U.S.

There were 6 inductees who were included in the list of Hall of Fame, Beckham and Gerrard being the last two.

With a 23-man shortlist, Beckham and Gerrard had the most votes both from the Premier League panel and the public.


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