How TCS is supervising 400,000 workers during the pandemic

India’s biggest IT services firm – TCS, includes a staff of 488,649 employers which is remotely managing them during the pandemic. The firm had a weak rate of 7.2% which was one the lowest.

The yearly report of TCS for FY21, offers a glance at how the firm is getting on with the workers and how they employ new workers from campuses remotely.

Moreover, the company continues to maintain its talent thanks to the reskilling workers, by encouraging them to stay. Apart from this, the firm also has a program feature which is called TCS Elevate that connects learning and careers. The program includes 138,000 people.

The firm had a net employ of 40,185 since all of its centers were closed because of the pandemic and the workers had to work from home. Over 368,000 students from more than 3,100 colleges participated in the TCS NQT.

Through a digital online onboarding model, TCS was able to include associates who are employed around the world. Now, its staff has 154 nationalities from 46 countries.

”Our talent development infrastructure is helping us align our planning with emerging costumer requirements. So we are fulfilling most of the open positions requiring new technology skills using inhouse groomed candidates, and don’t rely too much on lateral recruits.” said Milind Lakkad – CHRO of TCS on a report.

While reporting an industry review, TCS stated that the worldwide market for IT services remains a highly fragmented one. The yearly report stated that ”TCS is among the largest IT services providers globally, with a market share of 1.6 per cent, and has significantly outperformed the market, growing at twice the rate of market growth over the last decade. This may be attributed to market share gains resulting from TCS’s customer-centric strategy and organization structure, focused investments in building superior capabilities, better execution resulting greater costumer satisfaction, and steadily expanding participation in customer’s growth and transformation spends.”

Additionally, the report also displayed the fact that the worldwide technology spends decreased 3.2% to around $1.4 trillion in 2020.



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