The Pavilion of the Netherlands – ”Who is We”, takes place at the 17th exhibition of International Architecture – La Biennale di Venezia, through a deconstruction of usual space concepts, with a focus on the underrated structures that are usually found on urban spaces.

The pavilion is curated by a team with Francien van Wenstrenen as its leader, whereas the display of the pavilion will be available from 22nd of May until 21st of November.

The questions ”How will we live together?” is a question which the pavilion addresses by explaining that the current environmental and social situations request for the architects to make ‘we’ as a ”more pluralized pronoun that encompasses all humans and more-than-humans such as soil, plants and animals.”

According to Francien van Wenstren – Head of Agency at Het Nieuwe Instituut and the curator of the pavilion, he said that ”As social and ecological urgencies demand immediate care and action, Who is We? is an empathic plea against homogeneity and monoculture. Differences and plurality create the relationships and interactions essential to build resilient societies and cities.”

The curating team was persuaded by De Jong’s Multiplicity of Other along with a performance space – Space of Other. This inspiration made the team deconstruct usual concepts of space and distinguish how public spaces that demand music, poetry or dance establish a dialogue between the architecture and the person.

The research tools and methodologies, such as the ones used by Debra Solomon – one of the pavilion’s architects, are used to create urban landscapes that resemble public space food forests, in order to be more environmentally friendly. She uses methodologies like ”Radical Observation, rhizotrons, and soil chromatograms.”

Additionally, the pavilion also shows the public research program – Values for Survival, which is established by the Chief Science Officer of Amsterdam Dr. Caroline Nevejan – a Professor. This program links together the fields of design, knowledge and policy while at the same time, serving as an inspiration to the cities to become more aware of the climate change.


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