The world is supporting Palestinians through protests

The world is currently trying to spread awareness on the Israeli air attacks on Gaza, with protests and demonstrations in many cities.

New York, Madrid, Baghdad and Cape Town are some of the cities which have taken part in these demonstrations.

It has been 7 days since Israel started its air attacks on the Gaza Strip, and they are still continuing to kill and wound people. On Sunday only, around 26 Palestinians were killed, while many more were badly wounded.

Some of the signs, placards and flags by the protesters included sayings such as ”Solidarity with Palestine”, ”Free Palestine”, ”Not in my name” while also shouting to get more attention by the people.

Nakba Day – which means ”catastrophe day” in Arabic, happened on the same day on which the global solidarity started to take place. The Nakba Day, has Palestinians paying tribute to the many Palestinians among Israel’s establishment that happened in 1948.

In New York, many activists met up to march in support of Palestinians, the same day Israeli air raids shattered many buildings in Gaza.

South Africans on the other hand, also protested against the Israeli attacks outside Parliament in Cape Town.

In Ankara, Turkey, many women came together to rally and show solidarity with Palestinians.

Other places with the protests and demonstrations happened in Belgium, Iraq, Lebanon, France, Germany, Canada and UK.

”This is not a war, it’s a genocide.” was the phrase of the many protesters around the world.


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