The Netherlands and Portugal take lighter pandemic travel restrictions

The newest European countries to take lighter pandemic restrictions are the Netherlands and Portugal since the number of infections is decreasing and summer being right around the corner.

Starting on Saturday, the Netherlands’ citizens can visit Portugal, Ireland, Malta, Rwanda, a group of Greek island as well as former Dutch colonies of Sint Maarten, Curacao and Aruba.

All of these locations are part of the yellow-list of the Netherlands, which means that people who travel to these countries will not have to get quarantined when they return.

However, according to the Foreign Ministry of the Netherlands, Dutch citizens still have to obey to the pandemic measures and that means getting quarantined and a negative test.

On the other hand, Portuguese authorities came out with a statement saying that from Monday, people who travel from the majority of European countries can visit Portugal. Moreover, the authorities also stated that people from the EU countries who have a rate of lower cases can make ”all types of travel to Portugal, including non-essential travel.”

Similar to the Netherlands, in Portugal each traveller must acquire a negative test too.

Travelers from the Netherlands, Croatia, Cyprus, Sweden, Lithuania, Brazil, India and South Africa must have a strong reason to travel and they will also need to self-isolate for 14 days.

Such eases of pandemic restrictions mean that the biggest tourist market of Portugal – the British, will be expected to come starting from next week. Apart from this, on May 29 Portugal will also host the Champions League final match between Manchester City and Chelsea, therefore, many fans will be expected to come to Porto.



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