Turkish Grand Prix called off, leaving Austria to take over as the host for the second time

Because of the current pandemic situation, the Turkish Grand Prix will not be held on June 13 as it was supposed to, with Austria coming to host the F1 race instead. 

7 teams of F1 are part of the UK, which is why Turkey was forced to put traveling restrictions. However, F1 is free to reschedule the time of the event at another time if the situation gets better or if they are allowed to.

it also important to mention that Turkey was also used as a substitution for the Canadian Grand Prix which was supposed to be taking place in Canada before it was switched to Turkey.

This annulment of Turkey caused for a change of the 2021 schedule, with the triple-header of France-Austria-Austria happening after 3 weeks.

All of this will be accomplished with the French Grand Prix moving the date from 27th of June to 20th of June, however, its original position on the calendar will be handed over to Austria – the Styrian Grand Prix. In order to wrap up the triple-header on 4th of July, the Styrian Grand Prix will keep its initial position in the calendar.

Due to the pandemic, the 2020 F1 season was hosted by Austria with two races. That is why, F1 came out with a statement on Friday, by thanking Austria for their willingness to help and host F1 this year too. Additionally, they also thanked France’s ability to change the date a month before the event.

In 2020, Turkish Grand Prix remained first at Istanbul Park, with Lewis Hamilton winning the race and marking his 7th world championship.



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