Arts festival Sifa will limit the number of spectators as stricter measures arise

Sifa – The Singapore International Festival of Arts, decreased the number of crowds for some weekend shows due to the stricter pandemic measures that were made public on 8th of May.

The yearly performing arts festival includes over 60 shows that start from May 14 up until May 30.

For some live shows, the initial number of people who were able to attend was 250, however, now the number has decreased to 100 for each show. Such shows with the limited numbers are Singapore Repertory Theatre and Wild Rice, The Commission – a play by Pangdemonium, and concerts Be Comforted Now and A Song For Louis.

The place where singular screens for movies are – Oldham Theatre, will also reduce its number of people from 66 to 50 now. Additionally, this will have an effect on movies like Gunda, The Mole Agent and Satantango.

All of these changes were made public on May 13 on their website. The organizers of the festival stated that: ”Regretfully, Sifa has implemented a refund exercise to meet this reduction, based on data of purchase, starting from patrons who made purchases after the first 100 and 50 tickets respectively.”

On the other hand, Cosmogonoy – usually an outdoor show, now it will be streamed indoors, inside Esplanade Theatre two days in a row, from May 14 to May 16. And, it is also free to register.

Depending on whether there will be a pre-event testing or not, the approximate number of people that will be allowed is either from 750 to 250, or from 750 to 100. All of the later changes will be made public on another date. But until then, things will remain like this until May 30.


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