TacoCat cryptocurrency will implement innovative plans

TacoCat – a cryptocurrency token, has just been introduced on the Binance Smart Chain. The token is part of the same market as the notorious Safemoon project, however, they have come with an announcement that they have plans which will unite people with the crypto world.

Since they have had a successful implementation with the social media promotion, funding capitalization, and a start up on the ground promotion – which reached a high point of $25,000,000 in capitalization and almost 12,000 token owners, the upcoming phase of the launch will include the presentation of NFTs, wagers and much more.

Apart from this, TacoCat has also started to implement the special TacoCat line store with different clothes and lifestyle accessories. Another feature of the merch store includes the users of TacoCat and their opinions in regards to the line and the idea behind it.

Similar to Dogecoin and its friendly image, TacoCat has also put itself as a friendly, approachable face for cryptocurrency by using its reputation to promote potential tokens. All of this will be facilitated by the Binance Smart Chain users and their sharing in increase and support of their brands to further advertise the products and volume on TacoCat display windows.

Moreover, Binance Smart Chain is also putting into practice new plans on how to help TacoCat holders with the income that is gained from the merch store. When this income begins to increase, TacoCat can then start to develop into other directions as well, while helping the TacoCat crypto economy within their special ecosystem.

”TacoCat is blending both the cryptocurrency market and the real-world market in a novel and exciting way, and we’re ecstatic to have you along for the ride. Strap in, hold your Tacos, and get ready for a whole new experience!” said Rossana Marchese – representative of the company.


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