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Weekend coronavirus cases show slight drop

10,200 more coronavirus cases, raises the week total to 63,100, depicting a new surge

Data from community health organization RIVM publicized on Sunday displayed that another 10,211 people tested positive for COVID-19. Since the beginning of this week, 63,131 new positive test results were reported by the RIVM. That figure was almost 9,500 higher than the prior week, accumulating a 17.5 percent growth.

This Sunday’s count was also 25 percent more than last Sunday and makes a new streak for most cases reported in a single day. It was the second time since the beginning of the pandemic that more than 10 thousand confident COVID cases were reported, the first time being on Friday. Nevertheless, the number also comprised the missing data from Saturday’s issue of statistics, which delayed for hours due to IT glitches at public health facility GGD. The Health Ministry told that a more precise depiction was formulated by the everyday average for Saturday and Sunday, i.e 9,440.

In Amsterdam, the newly reported cases (831) spiraled up to 14 percent on Sunday in comparison to the previous week. Rotterdam’s numbers were essentially flat at 628, with The Hague presenting an 18 percent increase to 408. The three cities testified higher new infections than any other place in the Netherlands.

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Could this give rise to more public restrictions?

While the weekly proportion of growth has slowed a bit, but it is not clear if that assembles the Dutch government’s prospects. Members of the Cabinet and head of the RIVM Jaap van Dissel were expected to assemble at the Prime Minister’s house on Sunday, with the Cabinet receiving a brief by the Pandemic Management Team on Monday.

This can be followed by a national press conference.

On Friday, Prime Minister Mark Rutte didn’t only articulate fears for the total sum of cases, but also for the increase in the percentage of positive tests and the nationwide and provincial per-capita tally of infections. He said that the government will take all necessary actions to ease the circumstances, including a more intensified lockdown than the partial lockdown applied on 14 October.

A total of 300 coronavirus deaths conveyed this week; Hospital number grows whereas, ICU number declines

The RIVM stated that coronavirus triggered 27 more deaths. That makes the week’s total at 295, or coarsely 42 on average per day. The deaths of 7,046 citizens of the Netherlands were conclusively the result of the pandemic.

At least 191 new coronavirus hospital entries were reported from Saturday to Sunday afternoon, the lowermost in at least 11 days and perhaps lengthier, based on statistics provided by patient direction office LCPS. Around 28 people were transferred into concentrated care since Saturday.

This directed to an overall surge in over-all COVID patients, which went higher from 30 to 2,145. That number was 30 percent more than last Sunday. The LCPS said 1,657 patients were being taken care of exterior to concentrated care, which marks an increase of 43.

The figure of coronavirus patients in ICU chop for the first time after October 10. There was a total of 488 such patients treated in concentrated care on Sunday, a reduction of 13. Though, coronavirus patients still outstripped non-COVID patients, of which there were 419 in the ICU.

Those statistics encompassed the two coronavirus patients who moved from the Netherlands to Germany. Thirty more patients were relocated from busy Dutch hospitals late on Saturday and early on Sunday to ease the traffic at medical facilities in the country, said LCPS.

At least 14,453 inhabitants were treated in hospitals for coronavirus after February, and more than 25 percent of them i.e 4,169, required attention in an ICU. Almost 1,060 of those patients died in the concentrated care, and 2,313 Of the ICU patients were in the end discharged.

As of now, 291,254 individuals have tested positive for COVID-19 in the Netherlands.

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