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Best hotels in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beautiful landscape, with waters, buildings, and its people. The streets are packed with people and so is the culture. There is a particular vibe you can feel in this place, even on your first visit, and it never dies. You can find hotels redesigned from factories, bridge houses, or other places in Amsterdam. No matter where you are in Amsterdam, there is always someplace you can find within your budget constraint. Let’s take a look at the best hotels in Amsterdam.

Breitner House

A redesigned home of a 19th-century Dutch artist for visitors to enjoy the vibe and art of the building. The Champagne breakfast is unparalleled along with the warmth and charm in their hospitality. This one tops our list of best hotels in Amsterdam. Even though a bit expensive, it is worth spending a night here while you are in Amsterdam.

Hotel Okura Amsterdam

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This 23-storeyed building is built with a quiet Japanese design. The elegant use of wood and placing the soft lights all around the building giving us a luxurious feel. They have excellent services that include parking, room service, restaurant, bar, pool, and spa. It also has a fitness center if you don’t want to lose your work-out habit if you are traveling.

NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky

Located at the city center, NH Collection Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky is a grandeur place to spend your time in Amsterdam. It is one of the best hotels in Amsterdam. They feature every common service provided by hotels, but in a better way. The workers go the extra mile to make the customers happy. In addition to the basic features, they provide minibar, refrigerator, safe, bar, and bicycle rental as well.

Conservatorium hotel

This hotel grabs a place in any list of best hotels in Amsterdam. A hotel exhibiting world-class luxury and sleek design is a wonder for the art literate visitors. Situated at the heart of the city, the Conservatorium hotel is easily accessible. They are praised for their excellent services, that even has a VIP lounge.

The Student Hotel

Do you want to go back to the days in college? The Student Hotel is a place like a campus hostel, but not inside a campus. Visitors are also allowed for a short stay. The Student Hotel has an ambiance of a campus room and best suited for people who want to spend some time with the students.

There are a lot of factors that determine the price of these hotels. We suggest that you pre-book very early so that you can get rooms at a better price.

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