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Home Food Why Should You Stop Drinking Soda Now?

Why Should You Stop Drinking Soda Now?

Soda is an essential ingredient in daily life, be it quenching your thirst or while having a pizza. The caffeine and the added sugar gives such a pleasure to our brain that we can’t resist it if we are offered one. However, soda makes our body a mess as opposed to staying healthy. An occasional soda consumption will not cause harm in the long term. But, the daily consumption of soda has a large number of effects on us, including the chances of being obese. We will list out the reasons why you should stop drinking soda now, and make your life better.

Trying to quench your thirst with a soda?

Even though drinking a soda keeps your thirst on tab, it acts the exact opposite way eventually. Even if you feel your thirst is quenched, the caffeine in soda makes your body more thirsty. In effect, your kidneys will be stressed. If you are thirsty, drink water and get rehydrated. And this is our first pick on why you should stop drinking soda.

Ever checked your sugar level?

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Soda has added sugar which in turn adds to your body sugar level. A 12-ounce soda can have a sugar level 3 grams more than the suggested intake. Excessive sugar consumption leads to weight gain and various other metabolic problems. High blood pressure is another example.

Talking about sugar, are you Diabetic?

Added sugar consumption is the second largest precursor for diabetes. A control on soda consumption can actually decrease the chances of you being diagnosed with diabetes.

Are your teeth sensitive?

If you are a soda drinker and has high sensitive teeth, there is a reason. The sugar and acid level in soda decays the enamel in the tooth. Curbing the use of soda can seriously improve the strength of the teeth. However, you still have to visit the dentist.

Thinking about saving money?

Cutting off on soda can save you a lot of money. Apart from the health impacts, avoiding soda can also help you save some useful money. Coffee, tea, juices, lemonade are all substitutes for soda that you can make at your home. You can also opt beer or wine in the evenings, but drink responsibly. Isn’t this a good enough reason for you to stop drinking soda now?

Soda = Lots of water

A Wall Street Journal said that Coke claims it takes 1-gallon water to produce a 2-liter bottle of soda. This 1 gallon of water includes the water it takes to make the ingredients as well. If all the above reasons were not good enough for you, think about the amount of water you are wasting on a 2-liter soda bottle should make you stop drinking soda.

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