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Special Beauty Tips during confinement

If just like me you are cloistered because of this damn virus, I offer you today some Beauty Tips to radiate even in Containment!

P.S: This article is written with a lot of second degrees, a little humor can only do good in these difficult times 😁!

1. Make face masks with fruits and vegetables 🍌

Have you managed to have it delivered by the local market gardener or have you miraculously found a cucumber lying around in your vegetable bin?

Well, take the opportunity to use the virtues of fruits and vegetables for your skin!

For a hydrating mask, mash a cucumber. If you are looking for a nourishing mask, crush a ripe banana on your face, and to smooth your skin texture use the juice of a lemon (be careful not to expose yourself to the sun because the lemon is photosensitive, but that is not a problem in case you forgot it, since we’re CONFINES!)

To give texture and “velvety” to these masks do not hesitate to add honey and yogurt, and leave it on your face for fifteen minutes.

BE CAREFUL greedy, I see you from here, you should not take the opportunity to eat your masks, because if you gain weight during confinement, your husband will leave you.

2. Use pasta water for soft feet 🍝

Have you stocked up on pasta and even eat it for breakfast? (Beware the 😱).

Did you know that pasta cooking water has several properties? We can indeed use it as a weedkiller, an ingredient for pesto sauce or tomato sauce …

But also, you can use it for a foot bath!

The minerals it contains will soften your feet and soften rough areas.

Of course, wait until the water is lukewarm and do not put your feet directly in the pan …

3. Use rice water for beautiful hair 🍚

If you run out of pasta but luckily you were able to recover rice, be sure to take advantage of all its virtues!

Indeed, once your rice is cooked, recover its cooking water. If you have burned it you are an unworthy cook !!! But what are we going to do with you?

Don’t worry, you can be beautiful even if you don’t cook well.

Use the rice cooking water in rinse water after washing your hair.

It contains starch and many vitamins and minerals. Rice water strengthens, shines and softens the hair.

It is also astringent and mattifying if you use it for the face!

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